Sedyl - Structure et Dynamique des Langues - UMR8202 - CELIA


Isabelle Léglise

Senior Researcher at CNRS - Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Co-head of SeDyL research Center in charge of IRD

Head of the F3S Federation (Social Sciences in the Global South)

Editor of the CAM series Contact and Multilingualism (LSP)


Research interests

  • Multilingualism, plurilingualism
  • Language practices as social practices
  • Plurilingual corpora
  • Language Contact, Variation and Change
  • Multilingualism in School and Healthcare Settings
  • Migration, Mobility, Language Transmission and Change
  • French Guiana, Brazil and Suriname
  • Scientific cooperation with Brazil and Cambodia



Current research programms

Multifactorial analysis of plurilingual corpora (coord. VC5, LABEX EFL, 2020-2024)

Variation and contact of related languages (coord. VC4, LABEX EFL, 2020-2024)

Transnational families and Family Language Practices

Languages and Digital Innovations for Education in French Guiana (Platform and resources, DGLFLF, DAC Guyane 2018-2022)

Manusastra and Research in Cambodia (PSF Manustra 3) Documentary film (2020): A human and social science research Center in Phnom Penh 

Academic degrees

Habilitation (2013) INALCO
PhD in Linguistics (1999) Paris 7 Denis Diderot University
Master Degree in Linguistics
Master Degree in French as a Foreign Language
Master Degree in Anthropology


More on Multilingualism in French Guiana

Documentary film (2018) : Mots mêlés : une Guyane multilingue et plurilingue
Website (2015) - Multilingualism of school population: 12 years of a research survey
Interview (2007) - Diversité linguistique et langues en contact en Guyane
Podcast (2013) - l'école au gré des langues

Some on line ressources

Qu'est-ce que "bien parler" ?
Quelles différences entre langues, dialectes, patois, jargons, accents... ?
Pourquoi et comment les langues changent-elles ?


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