Outcomes of prosodic contact

3 juin 2022 --10h00 - 12h00

dans le cadre des projets Labex VC4/5 INALCO PLC 5.22 – 10h
Conférence de Kofi Yakpo (University of Hong Kong)
There is a widespread tendency to see tone as a crosslinguistically marked feature that gets lost in language contact (e.g. Salmons 1992; McWhorter 1998). Recent comparative work on the prosody of Afro-European contact varieties (i.e. creoles, pidgins, and nativized European languages in Africa and the Americas) shows no evidence that stress trumps tone (Bordal Steien & Yakpo 2020). Instead, Afro-European contact varieties are found along a continuum of prosodic systems ranging from tone to stress to mixed systems incorporating both. Following up on earlier research (e.g. Mintz 1971; Faraclas 2007), I discuss the macro-factors of socio-economic structure, demographic distribution and ideological superstructure in prosodic contact. Complemented by linguistic-typological factors, these have driven the outcomes of Afro-European prosodic contact. The fate of tone in Afro- European contact varieties underlines the need for caution, nuance and detailed analysis instead of broad claims relating to simplification in language contact and creolization