Évènements - 25 Nov 22

25 novembre 2022 - 14h00 - 17h00

Séminaire doctoral – Pratiques langagières – terrains, méthodes, théories

Animé par Isabelle Léglise et Valelia Muni Toke (INALCO, 2 rue de Lille, salle L0.01)

Judith Purkarthofer (Univ. Duisbourg-Essen)  Transnational families as private and public encounters – Creative methods to explore lived experience of language and language policy

Families are formed along various dimensions, both biological and social, and linked by kinship processes and generational relations. Expectations of child-rearing and parental roles are highly culturally dependent and are thus subject to public discourses, for example, in mediatized discourses, blogs and online parental chat fora, and interpersonal evaluations. Family language policy research links individual cases to social evaluations and influences as it is anchored in the field of language policy: explicit and overt planning as well as ideologies and decision-making processes multilingual families engage in influences language development and use in the home. In line with current trends in language policy research, policies and practices are examined as intertwined, with practices contributing to bottom up policies.

This seminar presents research on family language policy and highlights how creative methods can foster an understanding of lived experiences of language. At the same time, the exploratory nature of such methods enables us to research the underlying understanding of what a family is and what functions are attributed to family life.

25 novembre 2022 - 10h00 - 12h00

Axe 2 – Multi-L

Animé par Isabelle Léglise (INALCO 2, rue de Lille, salle LO.01)

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